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17th Congress 2012 2 - 5 July, Brunei

Theme: The Role of Valuers for ASEAN Prosperity

No Country Presented By Presented Papers
1 Malaysia Assoc Professor Dr Mohd Nasir Daud and Ainoriza Mohd Aini Sustainability Issues In The Valuation Process & Methodology
Anuar Alias, Yasmin Mohd Adnan & Mohd Nasir Daud Gated and Guarded Community Scheme (GACOS) for Residential Development in Malaysia
Sr Lim Lian Hong The State of the Valuation Profession in Malaysia
2 Brunei Zarina Abu Adnan Strata Title: Changing the Preception of Property Ownership in Brunei Darussalam
Hajah Siti Hairaney Haji Shahri Future Impact of Sustainability in Real Estate Valuations for Brunei Darussalam
Hajah Rasidah Binti Haji Ghani Country Report
3 Indonesia Muhammad A. Muttaqin Strata Title - The Concept, the Framework, the Law and Application in Indonesia
Arie Wibowo Practical Guidelines on Data Collection and Due Dilligence Analysis for Business Valuation
Agustinus D. Tamba Country Report
4 Philipines Javier P. Bondoc Business Valuation Including Intangibles and Plant Machinery
5 Singapore Dr Lim Lan Yuan The Key Ingredients for Effective Strata Management
Dr Lim Lan Yuan Assessing the Fair Value of Biological Assets Under The Accounting Standards
Dr Lim Lan Yuan Practice guidelines for Valuing Intangible Assets
Kwang Heng Lee Country Report
6 Thailand Pachara Pacharavanich Valuation Standard in Thailand
Pachagorn Survarnadhada The Competencies of the Property Valuers in Thailand
Sopon Pornchokchai Biological Assets and Air Valuation Measurement
Sopon Pornchokchai Real Estate Brands & Branding: People Knows But Any Value?
Valuers Association Thailand Country Report
7 Vietnam MA Lan-Anh Duong Vietnam Valuation Standards
Leon Cheneval and great contribution by Elvin Fernandez (Malaysia) Ethics and Standards in Property Appraisal
8 Cambodia Sung Bonna Country Report

16th Congress 2010 22-24 July, Thailand

Theme: “The ASEAN Chapter – Towards A New Era Of Valuation”

No Country Presented By Presented papers
1 Brunei Mrs. Hajah Siti Hairaney @ Irene Binti Haji Shahri Country Report of Brunei Darussalam 2010
2 Indonesia Mr. Arridel Mindra
Directorate General of Taxation
Ministry of Finance, Indonesia
Developing of Mass Appraisal for Property Tax in Indonesia
3 Malaysia Prof. Sr. Mohd Yunus A. Rahman and;
Assoc. Prof. Sr. Abd Rahman Mohd Noor
Education & Training for Valuers in Malaysia
4 Malaysia Mr. Elvin Fernandez
Institute Surveyors Malaysia
An assessment of the valuation profession at International Valuation Standard (IVS)
5 Philippine Mr. Fredrico Cuervo
Cuervo Valuers Advisory Inc.
Proposed Philippine Agrarian REIT & BT
6 Thailand Assoc. Prof. Supoj Chawawiwat
Professor Faculty of Commerce & Accountancy
The Infrastructure Development in Thailand - The Increasing Trend in Asset Value
7 Thailand Mr. Khan Prachuabmoh
Governmet Housing Loan
Mortgage Lending Government
Housing Bank's experiences
8 Thailand Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai
Thailand Appraisal Foundation
Valuation for Land Acquisition,
International Experience
9 Vietnam Mr. Leon Cheneval
Savills Vietnam Co., Ltd
Mortgage Lending - Its relationship with property valuation

15th Congress 2008 7-9 May, Bali, Indonesia
Theme: “Achieving Valuation Sophistication”

14th Congress 2006 3-5 July, Singapore
Theme: “Valuation in Asia”

13th Congress 2004 13-15 September, Kuala Lumpur
Theme: “AVA After AFTA (Asean Free Trade Agreement)

No Country Presented By Presented papers
1 Singapore Mr. Lim Lan Yuan Enhancing Technical Competencies
2 Singapore
Mr. Lim Lan Yuan
Practise Standards - The Challenges
3 Singapore Mr. Hoe Boon Leong & Lim Lan Yuan
Exploring Non-Traditional Areas of Work
4 Philippine Mr. Fredrico Cuervo
Cuervo Valuers Advisory Inc.
The Phillipine Property Market Situation 2004
5 Thailand Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai
Thailand Appraisal Foundation
Mr.Pratak Simapichaicheth
Thai Real Estate Business School
Exploring non-traditional and alternative areas of work for valuers in Thailand

12th Congress 2002 23 September, Ho Chi Minh City

Theme: “Profiting from Property Investment in Asean”

No Country Presented By Presented papers
1 Brunei Ms. Maslina Abu Bakar Current Situation of  Property Market in Brunei
2 Brunei Ms. Zarina Abu Adenan & Yunaidi Yunus
Land Department
Ministry of Development, Brunei Darussalam
AVA during AFTA Integration
3 Indonesia Ir. Doli D. Siregar
Educating Future Valuers in ASEAN – Are we doing it right
4 Philippine Mr. Fredrico Cuervo
Cuervo Valuers Advisory Inc.
Phillipine Property Market and Economy Status Report (2002)
5 Philippine Mr. Fredrico Cuervo
Cuervo Valuers Advisory Inc.
IT Applications in Real Estate Appraisal Services
6 Thailand Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai
Thailand Appraisal Foundation
Modelling Land Value Estimate in a Land Readjustment Scheme in Thailand
7 Thailand Mr. Kitti Patpongpibul 

Property Development in Recession
8 Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Khanh Long

Information Activity Serves Valuation in Vietnam
9 Vietnam Mr. Nguyen Van Tho 
Current Situation of Real Estate Valuation in Vietnam

11th Congress 2000 9-11 August, Brunei
Theme: “AVA – Beyond 2000”

10th Congress 1998 18-20 November, Manila
Theme: “Emerging Asean Property Market” [Cancelled due to economic crisis]

9th Congress 1996 7-8 November, Bangkok
Theme: “Valuation in A Fast Changing World”

No Country Presented By Presented papers
1 Indonesia Drs. Saut Simanjuntak
President Director
PT. Graha Karya Reksatama Appraisal & Consultant
Valuation of business and going concern
2 Indonesia Ir. H. Doli D. Siregar
Chairman of PT. SGT – BHP and Member of Indonesian Society of Appraisers (MAPPI)
Valuation under Conditions of Rapidly Changing Price
3 Indonesia Ir. Ami Soetojo Sartono
President PT Asian Appraisal Indonesia
Valuation of Natural Resources
4 Indonesia H. Baroto Ismaun Objectivity in Valuation Techniques
(Conditions to Safeguard Indonesia Background)
5 Malaysia Mani Usilappan
Deputy Director General of Valuation
Valuation & Property Services Department
Worth of Air Rights
6 Malaysia Elvin Fernandez
Khong & Jaafar Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur
Current Valuation Standards & Practices
7 Malaysia Ibrahim Atan Bin Sipan &
Rosdi Ab Rahman
University Teknology Malaysia, Johor
Objectivity in Valuation Techniques
8 Malaysia Ibrahim Atan Bin Sipan & Rosdi Ab Rahman
University Teknology Malaysia, Johor
Valuation under Rapidly Changing Periods
9 Malaysia Lim Kim Hoe
State Director of Valuation & Property Services, Malaysia
Application of IT in Valuation Process
10 Malaysia Baharudin Mohd Hanipah
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Estate Management
Mara Institute Technology, Malaysia
Effects of Rent Control on Real Estate
11 Philippines Oliver A. Morales
President Cuervo Appraisers, Inc
Valuation under Conditions of Rapidly Changing Price
12 Singapore Low Ser Seah
Managing Director of SISV
Application of Information Technology in Valuation Process
13 Singapore Chan Hiap Kong
Senior Director
Valuation Division of Colliers Jardine (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Asset Valuation  - Valuation of Land & Buildings for Public Listing
14 Singapore Associate Professor Lim Lan Yuan
Head of School of Building & Estate Management at the National University of Singapore
Valuation Standards and Practices
15 Singapore Dr. Yu Shi Ming
President of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers
Mrs. Amy Lee
Vice President (Valuation & General Practice Division) of the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers
Objectivity in Valuation Techniques
16 Singapore Low Ser Seah
Managing Director
Cosmo [Property Consultants Pte Ltd]
Valuation of Airspace and Subterranean Rights
17 Thailand Mr. Francis Lai Pang Fee
Executive Director
Chambers International Co. Ltd &
Simon Lim & Partners Co. Ltd. Thailand
Valuation of Natural Resources
18 Thailand Somporn Burintrathikul
Asian Director and Proprietor &
Director of JLW (Thailand) Ltd
Objectivity in Valuation Techniques
19 Thailand Sopon Pornchokchai
Managing Director
Agency for Real Estate Affairs
Valuation Challenge admist the Condition of Rapidly Changing Prices in Thailand

8th Congress 1994 12-15 October, Jakarta
Theme: “Valuers in the Fast Growing Asean Property Business; Opportunities & Challengs for the Profession”

7th Congress 1992 13-17 October, Singapore
Theme: “Asean Real Estate in the Asia Pacific Countries”

6th Congress 1990 18-21 September Kuala Lumpur
Theme: “Real Estate – Directions and Strategies For the Nineties”

5th Congress 1989 29 Nov-2 Dec Manila
Theme: “AVA In the Nineties – Challenges Ahead”

4th Congress 1987 19-22 August, Pattaya
Theme: “Property Valuation in Changing Economics”

3rd Congress 1985 19-21 September, Jakarta
Theme: “The Role of Valuers in the Economic Growth of the Region”

2nd Congress 1983 28-31 August, Singapore
Theme: “Asean – The Growth Area (Real Estate Investment & Development Opportunties)”

1st Congress 1981 15-20 June, Kuala Lumpur


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